HTML Symbols

HTML uses special codes to support content for common symbols not found on keyboards, as well as in situations where the symbol itself serves a dual purpose in HTML as both a control character and a display character. If the character does not have an HTML entity, you can use the decimal (dec) or hexadecimal (hex) reference.

To add a letter, number, or special symbol to the displayed text of a webpage, use either the HTML number or the HTML name of the symbol.

Jack & Jill went up the hill.


Jack & Jill went up the hill.

Below are tables of all the various HTML symbols and their associated codes.

HTML Letters Symbols

HTML Codes for Unaccented Letters

The standard upper-case and lower-case letters also map to HTML numbers, and you'd use them in similar circumstances as for numerals.

HTML Codes for Accented Letters

Codes for accented letters get more use because there's no guarantee that embedding the actual symbol within a page will display correctly. Because HTML source code is parsed by a browser before it's displayed, and because individual viewers of the webpage may use different fonts and encoding schemes depending on the default language of their browser, the best way to ensure accurate reproduction of these accented letters is to rely on the HTML number or the HTML name.

Name Symbol Unicode Hex HTML CSS
Uppercase A A U+00041 A A \0041
Uppercase B B U+00042 B B \0042
Uppercase C C U+00043 C C \0043
Uppercase D D U+00044 D D \0044
Uppercase E E U+00045 E E \0045
Uppercase F F U+00046 F F \0046
Uppercase G G U+00047 G G \0047
Uppercase H H U+00048 H H \0048
Uppercase I I U+00049 I I \0049
Uppercase J J U+0004A J J \004A
Uppercase K K U+0004B K K \004B
Uppercase L L U+0004C L L \004C
Uppercase M M U+0004D M M \004D
Uppercase N N U+0004E N N \004E
Uppercase O O U+0004F O O \004F
Uppercase P P U+00050 P P \0050
Uppercase Q Q U+00051 Q Q \0051
Uppercase R R U+00052 R R \0052
Uppercase S S U+00053 S S \0053
Uppercase T T U+00054 T T \0054
Uppercase U U U+00055 U U \0055
Uppercase V V U+00056 V V \0056
Uppercase W W U+00057 W W \0057
Uppercase X X U+00058 X X \0058
Uppercase Y Y U+00059 Y Y \0059
Uppercase Z Z U+0005A Z Z \005A
Lowercase a a U+00061 a a \0061
Lowercase b b U+00062 b b \0062
Lowercase c c U+00063 c c \0063
Lowercase d d U+00064 d d \0064
Lowercase e e U+00065 e e \0065
Lowercase f f U+00066 f f \0066
Lowercase g g U+00067 g g \0067
Lowercase h h U+00068 h h \0068
Lowercase i i U+00069 i i \0069
Lowercase j j U+0006A j j \006A
Lowercase k k U+0006B k k \006B
Lowercase l l U+0006C l l \006C
Lowercase m m U+0006D m m \006D
Lowercase n n U+0006E n n \006E
Lowercase o o U+0006F o o \006F
Lowercase p p U+00070 p p \0070
Lowercase q q U+00071 q q \0071
Lowercase r r U+00072 r r \0072
Lowercase s s U+00073 s s \0073
Lowercase t t U+00074 t t \0074
Lowercase u u U+00075 u u \0075
Lowercase v v U+00076 v v \0076
Lowercase w w U+00077 w w \0077
Lowercase x x U+00078 x x \0078
Lowercase y y U+00079 y y \0079
Lowercase z z U+0007A z z \007A
Uppercase A with Grave À U+000C0 À À \00C0
Uppercase A with Acute Á U+000C1 Á Á \00C1
Uppercase A with Circumflex  U+000C2   \00C2
Uppercase A with Tilde à U+000C3 à à \00C3
Uppercase A with Umlaut Ä U+000C4 Ä Ä \00C4
Uppercase A with Ring Å U+000C5 Å Å \00C5
Uppercase AE Æ U+000C6 Æ Æ \00C6
Uppercase C with Cedilla Ç U+000C7 Ç Ç \00C7
Uppercase E with Grave È U+000C8 È È \00C8
Uppercase E with Acute É U+000C9 É É \00C9
Uppercase E with Circumflex Ê U+000CA Ê Ê \00CA
Uppercase E with Umlaut Ë U+000CB Ë Ë \00CB
Uppercase L with Grave Ì U+000CC Ì Ì \00CC
Uppercase L with Acute Í U+000CD Í Í \00CD
Uppercase L with Circumflex Î U+000CE Î Î \00CE
Uppercase L with Umlaut Ï U+000CF Ï Ï \00CF
Uppercase ETH Ð U+000D0 Ð Ð \00D0
Uppercase N with Tilde Ñ U+000D1 Ñ Ñ \00D1
Uppercase O with Grave Ò U+000D2 Ò Ò \00D2
Uppercase O with Acute Ó U+000D3 Ó Ó \00D3
Uppercase O with Circumflex Ô U+000D4 Ô Ô \00D4
Uppercase O with Tilde Õ U+000D5 Õ Õ \00D5
Uppercase O with Umlaut Ö U+000D6 Ö Ö \00D6
Uppercase O with Slash Ø U+000D8 Ø Ø \00D8
Uppercase U with Grave Ù U+000D9 Ù Ù \00D9
Uppercase U with Acute Ú U+000DA Ú Ú \00DA
Uppercase U with Circumflex Û U+000DB Û Û \00DB
Uppercase U with Umlaut Ü U+000DC Ü Ü \00DC
Uppercase Y with Acute Ý U+000DD Ý Ý \00DD
Uppercase THORN Þ U+000DE Þ Þ \00DE
Lowercase ess-zed ß U+000DF ß ß \00DF
Lowercase a with Grave à U+000E0 à à \00E0
Lowercase a with Acute á U+000E1 á á \00E1
Lowercase a with Circumflex â U+000E2 â â \00E2
Lowercase a with Tilde ã U+000E3 ã ã \00E3
Lowercase a with Umlaut ä U+000E4 ä ä \00E4
Lowercase a with Ring å U+000E5 å å \00E5
Lowercase ae æ U+000E6 æ æ \00E6
Lowercase c with Cedilla ç U+000E7 ç ç \00E7
Lowercase e with Grave è U+000E8 è è \00E8
Lowercase e with Acute é U+000E9 é é \00E9
Lowercase e with Circumflex ê U+000EA ê ê \00EA
Lowercase e with Umlaut ë U+000EB ë ë \00EB
Lowercase i with Grave ì U+000EC ì ì \00EC
Lowercase i with Acute í U+000ED í í \00ED
Lowercase i with Circumflex î U+000EE î î \00EE
Lowercase i with Umlaut ï U+000EF ï ï \00EF
Lowercase eth ð U+000F0 ð ð \00F0
Lowercase n with Tilde ñ U+000F1 ñ ñ \00F1
Lowercase o with Grave ò U+000F2 ò ò \00F2
Lowercase o with Acute ó U+000F3 ó ó \00F3
Lowercase o with Circumflex ô U+000F4 ô ô \00F4
Lowercase o with Tilde õ U+000F5 õ õ \00F5
Lowercase o with Umlaut ö U+000F6 ö ö \00F6
Lowercase o with Slash ø U+000F8 ø ø \00F8
Lowercase u with Grave ù U+000F9 ù ù \00F9
Lowercase u with Acute ú U+000FA ú ú \00FA
Lowercase u with Circumflex û U+000FB û û \00FB
Lowercase u with Umlaut ü U+000FC ü ü \00FC
Lowercase y with Acute ý U+000FD ý ý \00FD
Lowercase thorn þ U+000FE þ þ \00FE
Lowercase y with Umlaut ÿ U+000FF ÿ ÿ \00FF
Uppercase a With Macron Ā U+00100 Ā Ā \0100
Lowercase a With Macron ā U+00101 ā ā \0101
Uppercase a With Breve Ă U+00102 Ă Ă \0102
Lowercase a With Breve ă U+00103 ă ă \0103
Uppercase a With Ogonek Ą U+00104 Ą Ą \0104
Lowercase a With Ogonek ą U+00105 ą ą \0105
Uppercase C With Acute Ć U+00106 Ć Ć \0106
Lowercase C With Acute ć U+00107 ć ć \0107
Uppercase C With Circumflex Ĉ U+00108 Ĉ Ĉ \0108
Lowercase C With Circumflex ĉ U+00109 ĉ ĉ \0109
Uppercase C With Dot Above Ċ U+0010A Ċ Ċ \010A
Lowercase C With Dot Above ċ U+0010B ċ ċ \010B
Uppercase C With Caron Č U+0010C Č Č \010C
Lowercase C With Caron č U+0010D č č \010D
Uppercase D With Caron Ď U+0010E Ď Ď \010E
Lowercase D With Caron ď U+0010F ď ď \010F
Uppercase D With Stroke Đ U+00110 Đ Đ \0110
Lowercase D With Stroke đ U+00111 đ đ \0111
Uppercase E With Macron Ē U+00112 Ē Ē \0112
Lowercase E With Macron ē U+00113 ē ē \0113
Uppercase E With Breve Ĕ U+00114 Ĕ Ĕ \0114
Lowercase E With Breve ĕ U+00115 ĕ ĕ \0115
Uppercase E With Dot Above Ė U+00116 Ė Ė \0116
Lowercase E With Dot Above ė U+00117 ė ė \0117
Uppercase E With Ogonek Ę U+00118 Ę Ę \0118
Lowercase E With Ogonek ę U+00119 ę ę \0119
Uppercase E With Caron Ě U+0011A Ě Ě \011A
Lowercase E With Caron ě U+0011B ě ě \011B
Uppercase G With Circumflex Ĝ U+0011C Ĝ Ĝ \011C
Lowercase G With Circumflex ĝ U+0011D ĝ ĝ \011D
Uppercase G With Breve Ğ U+0011E Ğ Ğ \011E
Lowercase G With Breve ğ U+0011F ğ ğ \011F
Uppercase G With Dot Above Ġ U+00120 Ġ Ġ \0120
Lowercase G With Dot Above ġ U+00121 ġ ġ \0121
Uppercase G With Cedilla Ģ U+00122 Ģ Ģ \0122
Lowercase G With Cedilla ģ U+00123 ģ ģ \0123
Uppercase H With Circumflex Ĥ U+00124 Ĥ Ĥ \0124
Lowercase H With Circumflex ĥ U+00125 ĥ ĥ \0125
Uppercase H With Stroke Ħ U+00126 Ħ Ħ \0126
Lowercase H With Stroke ħ U+00127 ħ ħ \0127
Uppercase I With Tilde Ĩ U+00128 Ĩ Ĩ \0128
Lowercase I With Tilde ĩ U+00129 ĩ ĩ \0129
Uppercase I With Macron Ī U+0012A Ī Ī \012A
Lowercase I With Macron ī U+0012B ī ī \012B
Uppercase I With Breve Ĭ U+0012C Ĭ Ĭ \012C
Lowercase I With Breve ĭ U+0012D ĭ ĭ \012D
Uppercase I With Ogonek Į U+0012E Į Į \012E
Lowercase I With Ogonek į U+0012F į į \012F
Uppercase I With Dot Above İ U+00130 İ İ \0130
Lowercase Dotless I ı U+00131 ı ı \0131
Latin Capital Ligature Ij IJ U+00132 IJ IJ \0132
Latin Small Ligature Ij ij U+00133 ij ij \0133
Uppercase J With Circumflex Ĵ U+00134 Ĵ Ĵ \0134
Lowercase J With Circumflex ĵ U+00135 ĵ ĵ \0135
Uppercase K With Cedilla Ķ U+00136 Ķ Ķ \0136
Lowercase K With Cedilla ķ U+00137 ķ ķ \0137
Lowercase Kra ĸ U+00138 ĸ ĸ \0138
Uppercase L With Acute Ĺ U+00139 Ĺ Ĺ \0139
Lowercase L With Acute ĺ U+0013A ĺ ĺ \013A
Uppercase L With Cedilla Ļ U+0013B Ļ Ļ \013B
Lowercase L With Cedilla ļ U+0013C ļ ļ \013C
Uppercase L With Caron Ľ U+0013D Ľ Ľ \013D
Lowercase L With Caron ľ U+0013E ľ ľ \013E
Uppercase L With Middle Dot Ŀ U+0013F Ŀ Ŀ \013F
Lowercase L With Middle Dot ŀ U+00140 ŀ ŀ \0140
Uppercase L With Stroke Ł U+00141 Ł Ł \0141
Lowercase L With Stroke ł U+00142 ł ł \0142
Uppercase N With Acute Ń U+00143 Ń Ń \0143
Lowercase N With Acute ń U+00144 ń ń \0144
Uppercase N With Cedilla Ņ U+00145 Ņ Ņ \0145
Lowercase N With Cedilla ņ U+00146 ņ ņ \0146
Uppercase N With Caron Ň U+00147 Ň Ň \0147
Lowercase N With Caron ň U+00148 ň ň \0148
Lowercase N Preceded by Apostrophe ʼn U+00149 ʼn ʼn \0149
Uppercase Eng Ŋ U+0014A Ŋ Ŋ \014A
Lowercase Eng ŋ U+0014B ŋ ŋ \014B
Uppercase O With Macron Ō U+0014C Ō Ō \014C
Lowercase O With Macron ō U+0014D ō ō \014D
Uppercase O With Breve Ŏ U+0014E Ŏ Ŏ \014E
Lowercase O With Breve ŏ U+0014F ŏ ŏ \014F
Uppercase O With Double Acute Ő U+00150 Ő Ő \0150
Lowercase O With Double Acute ő U+00151 ő ő \0151
Uppercase Ligature OE ΠU+00152 ΠΠ\0152
Lowercase Ligature oe œ U+00153 œ œ \0153
Uppercase R With Acute Ŕ U+00154 Ŕ Ŕ \0154
Lowercase R With Acute ŕ U+00155 ŕ ŕ \0155
Uppercase R With Cedilla Ŗ U+00156 Ŗ Ŗ \0156
Lowercase R With Cedilla ŗ U+00157 ŗ ŗ \0157
Uppercase R With Caron Ř U+00158 Ř Ř \0158
Lowercase R With Caron ř U+00159 ř ř \0159
Uppercase S With Acute Ś U+0015A Ś Ś \015A
Lowercase S With Acute ś U+0015B ś ś \015B
Uppercase S With Circumflex Ŝ U+0015C Ŝ Ŝ \015C
Lowercase S With Circumflex ŝ U+0015D ŝ ŝ \015D
Uppercase S With Cedilla Ş U+0015E Ş Ş \015E
Lowercase S With Cedilla ş U+0015F ş ş \015F
Uppercase S With Caron Š U+00160 Š Š \0160
Lowercase S With Caron š U+00161 š š \0161
Uppercase T With Cedilla Ţ U+00162 Ţ Ţ \0162
Lowercase T With Cedilla ţ U+00163 ţ ţ \0163
Uppercase T With Caron Ť U+00164 Ť Ť \0164
Lowercase T With Caron ť U+00165 ť ť \0165
Uppercase T With Stroke Ŧ U+00166 Ŧ Ŧ \0166
Lowercase T With Stroke ŧ U+00167 ŧ ŧ \0167
Uppercase U With Tilde Ũ U+00168 Ũ Ũ \0168
Lowercase U With Tilde ũ U+00169 ũ ũ \0169
Uppercase U With Macron Ū U+0016A Ū Ū \016A
Lowercase U With Macron ū U+0016B ū ū \016B
Uppercase U With Breve Ŭ U+0016C Ŭ Ŭ \016C
Lowercase U With Breve ŭ U+0016D ŭ ŭ \016D
Uppercase U With Ring Above Ů U+0016E Ů Ů \016E
Lowercase U With Ring Above ů U+0016F ů ů \016F
Uppercase U With Double Acute Ű U+00170 Ű Ű \0170
Lowercase U With Double Acute ű U+00171 ű ű \0171
Uppercase U With Ogonek Ų U+00172 Ų Ų \0172
Lowercase U With Ogonek ų U+00173 ų ų \0173
Uppercase W With Circumflex Ŵ U+00174 Ŵ Ŵ \0174
Lowercase W With Circumflex ŵ U+00175 ŵ ŵ \0175
Uppercase Y With Circumflex Ŷ U+00176 Ŷ Ŷ \0176
Lowercase Y With Circumflex ŷ U+00177 ŷ ŷ \0177
Uppercase Y With Diaeresis Ÿ U+00178 Ÿ Ÿ \0178
Uppercase Z With Acute Ź U+00179 Ź Ź \0179
Lowercase Z With Acute ź U+0017A ź ź \017A
Uppercase Z With Dot Above Ż U+0017B Ż Ż \017B
Lowercase Z With Dot Above ż U+0017C ż ż \017C
Uppercase Z With Caron Ž U+0017D Ž Ž \017D
Lowercase Z With Caron ž U+0017E ž ž \017E
Lowercase Long S ſ U+0017F ſ ſ \017F
Lowercase B With Stroke ƀ U+00180 ƀ ƀ \0180
Uppercase B With Hook Ɓ U+00181 Ɓ Ɓ \0181
Uppercase B With Topbar Ƃ U+00182 Ƃ Ƃ \0182
Lowercase B With Topbar ƃ U+00183 ƃ ƃ \0183
Uppercase Tone Six Ƅ U+00184 Ƅ Ƅ \0184
Lowercase Tone Six ƅ U+00185 ƅ ƅ \0185
Uppercase Open O Ɔ U+00186 Ɔ Ɔ \0186
Uppercase C With Hook Ƈ U+00187 Ƈ Ƈ \0187
Lowercase C With Hook ƈ U+00188 ƈ ƈ \0188
Uppercase African D Ɖ U+00189 Ɖ Ɖ \0189
Uppercase D With Hook Ɗ U+0018A Ɗ Ɗ \018A
Uppercase D With Topbar Ƌ U+0018B Ƌ Ƌ \018B
Lowercase D With Topbar ƌ U+0018C ƌ ƌ \018C
Lowercase Turned Delta ƍ U+0018D ƍ ƍ \018D
Uppercase Reversed E Ǝ U+0018E Ǝ Ǝ \018E
Uppercase Schwa Ə U+0018F Ə Ə \018F
Uppercase Open E Ɛ U+00190 Ɛ Ɛ \0190
Uppercase F With Hook Ƒ U+00191 Ƒ Ƒ \0191
Lowercase F With Hook ƒ U+00192 ƒ ƒ \0192
Uppercase G With Hook Ɠ U+00193 Ɠ Ɠ \0193
Uppercase Gamma Ɣ U+00194 Ɣ Ɣ \0194
Lowercase Hv ƕ U+00195 ƕ ƕ \0195
Uppercase Iota Ɩ U+00196 Ɩ Ɩ \0196
Uppercase I With Stroke Ɨ U+00197 Ɨ Ɨ \0197
Uppercase K With Hook Ƙ U+00198 Ƙ Ƙ \0198
Lowercase K With Hook ƙ U+00199 ƙ ƙ \0199
Lowercase L With Bar ƚ U+0019A ƚ ƚ \019A
Lowercase Lambda With Stroke ƛ U+0019B ƛ ƛ \019B
Uppercase Turned M Ɯ U+0019C Ɯ Ɯ \019C
Uppercase N With Left Hook Ɲ U+0019D Ɲ Ɲ \019D
Lowercase N With Long Right Leg ƞ U+0019E ƞ ƞ \019E
Uppercase O With Middle Tilde Ɵ U+0019F Ɵ Ɵ \019F
Uppercase O With Horn Ơ U+001A0 Ơ Ơ \01A0
Lowercase O With Horn ơ U+001A1 ơ ơ \01A1
Uppercase Oi Ƣ U+001A2 Ƣ Ƣ \01A2
Lowercase Oi ƣ U+001A3 ƣ ƣ \01A3
Uppercase P With Hook Ƥ U+001A4 Ƥ Ƥ \01A4
Lowercase P With Hook ƥ U+001A5 ƥ ƥ \01A5
Latin Letter Yr Ʀ U+001A6 Ʀ Ʀ \01A6
Uppercase Tone Two Ƨ U+001A7 Ƨ Ƨ \01A7
Lowercase Tone Two ƨ U+001A8 ƨ ƨ \01A8
Uppercase Esh Ʃ U+001A9 Ʃ Ʃ \01A9
Latin Letter Reversed Esh Loop ƪ U+001AA ƪ ƪ \01AA
Lowercase T With Palatal Hook ƫ U+001AB ƫ ƫ \01AB
Uppercase T With Hook Ƭ U+001AC Ƭ Ƭ \01AC
Lowercase T With Hook ƭ U+001AD ƭ ƭ \01AD
Uppercase T With Retroflex Hook Ʈ U+001AE Ʈ Ʈ \01AE
Uppercase U With Horn Ư U+001AF Ư Ư \01AF
Lowercase U With Horn ư U+001B0 ư ư \01B0
Uppercase Upsilon Ʊ U+001B1 Ʊ Ʊ \01B1
Uppercase v With Hook Ʋ U+001B2 Ʋ Ʋ \01B2
Uppercase Y With Hook Ƴ U+001B3 Ƴ Ƴ \01B3
Lowercase Y With Hook ƴ U+001B4 ƴ ƴ \01B4
Uppercase Z With Stroke Ƶ U+001B5 Ƶ Ƶ \01B5
Lowercase Z With Stroke ƶ U+001B6 ƶ ƶ \01B6
Uppercase Ezh Ʒ U+001B7 Ʒ Ʒ \01B7
Uppercase Ezh Reversed Ƹ U+001B8 Ƹ Ƹ \01B8
Lowercase Ezh Reversed ƹ U+001B9 ƹ ƹ \01B9
Lowercase Ezh With Tail ƺ U+001BA ƺ ƺ \01BA
Latin Letter Two With Stroke ƻ U+001BB ƻ ƻ \01BB
Uppercase Tone Five Ƽ U+001BC Ƽ Ƽ \01BC
Lowercase Tone Five ƽ U+001BD ƽ ƽ \01BD
Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop With Stroke ƾ U+001BE ƾ ƾ \01BE
Latin Letter Wynn ƿ U+001BF ƿ ƿ \01BF
Latin Letter Dental Click ǀ U+001C0 ǀ ǀ \01C0
Latin Letter Lateral Click ǁ U+001C1 ǁ ǁ \01C1
Latin Letter Alveolar Click ǂ U+001C2 ǂ ǂ \01C2
Latin Letter Retroflex Click ǃ U+001C3 ǃ ǃ \01C3
Uppercase Dz With Caron DŽ U+001C4 DŽ DŽ \01C4
Uppercase D With Small Letter Z With Caron Dž U+001C5 Dž Dž \01C5
Lowercase Dz With Caron dž U+001C6 dž dž \01C6
Uppercase Lj LJ U+001C7 LJ LJ \01C7
Uppercase L With Small Letter J Lj U+001C8 Lj Lj \01C8
Lowercase Lj lj U+001C9 lj lj \01C9
Uppercase Nj NJ U+001CA NJ NJ \01CA
Uppercase N With Small Letter J Nj U+001CB Nj Nj \01CB
Lowercase Nj nj U+001CC nj nj \01CC
Uppercase a With Caron Ǎ U+001CD Ǎ Ǎ \01CD
Lowercase a With Caron ǎ U+001CE ǎ ǎ \01CE
Uppercase I With Caron Ǐ U+001CF Ǐ Ǐ \01CF
Lowercase I With Caron ǐ U+001D0 ǐ ǐ \01D0
Uppercase O With Caron Ǒ U+001D1 Ǒ Ǒ \01D1
Lowercase O With Caron ǒ U+001D2 ǒ ǒ \01D2
Uppercase U With Caron Ǔ U+001D3 Ǔ Ǔ \01D3
Lowercase U With Caron ǔ U+001D4 ǔ ǔ \01D4
Uppercase U With Diaeresis and Macron Ǖ U+001D5 Ǖ Ǖ \01D5
Lowercase U With Diaeresis and Macron ǖ U+001D6 ǖ ǖ \01D6
Uppercase U With Diaeresis and Acute Ǘ U+001D7 Ǘ Ǘ \01D7
Lowercase U With Diaeresis and Acute ǘ U+001D8 ǘ ǘ \01D8
Uppercase U With Diaeresis and Caron Ǚ U+001D9 Ǚ Ǚ \01D9
Lowercase U With Diaeresis and Caron ǚ U+001DA ǚ ǚ \01DA
Uppercase U With Diaeresis and Grave Ǜ U+001DB Ǜ Ǜ \01DB
Lowercase U With Diaeresis and Grave ǜ U+001DC ǜ ǜ \01DC
Lowercase Turned E ǝ U+001DD ǝ ǝ \01DD
Uppercase a With Diaeresis and Macron Ǟ U+001DE Ǟ Ǟ \01DE
Lowercase a With Diaeresis and Macron ǟ U+001DF ǟ ǟ \01DF
Uppercase a With Dot Above and Macron Ǡ U+001E0 Ǡ Ǡ \01E0
Lowercase a With Dot Above and Macron ǡ U+001E1 ǡ ǡ \01E1
Uppercase Ae With Macron Ǣ U+001E2 Ǣ Ǣ \01E2
Lowercase Ae With Macron ǣ U+001E3 ǣ ǣ \01E3
Uppercase G With Stroke Ǥ U+001E4 Ǥ Ǥ \01E4
Lowercase G With Stroke ǥ U+001E5 ǥ ǥ \01E5
Uppercase G With Caron Ǧ U+001E6 Ǧ Ǧ \01E6
Lowercase G With Caron ǧ U+001E7 ǧ ǧ \01E7
Uppercase K With Caron Ǩ U+001E8 Ǩ Ǩ \01E8
Lowercase K With Caron ǩ U+001E9 ǩ ǩ \01E9
Uppercase O With Ogonek Ǫ U+001EA Ǫ Ǫ \01EA
Lowercase O With Ogonek ǫ U+001EB ǫ ǫ \01EB
Uppercase O With Ogonek and Macron Ǭ U+001EC Ǭ Ǭ \01EC
Lowercase O With Ogonek and Macron ǭ U+001ED ǭ ǭ \01ED
Uppercase Ezh With Caron Ǯ U+001EE Ǯ Ǯ \01EE
Lowercase Ezh With Caron ǯ U+001EF ǯ ǯ \01EF
Lowercase J With Caron ǰ U+001F0 ǰ ǰ \01F0
Uppercase Dz DZ U+001F1 DZ DZ \01F1
Uppercase D With Small Letter Z Dz U+001F2 Dz Dz \01F2
Lowercase Dz dz U+001F3 dz dz \01F3
Uppercase G With Acute Ǵ U+001F4 Ǵ Ǵ \01F4
Lowercase G With Acute ǵ U+001F5 ǵ ǵ \01F5
Uppercase Hwair Ƕ U+001F6 Ƕ Ƕ \01F6
Uppercase Wynn Ƿ U+001F7 Ƿ Ƿ \01F7
Uppercase N With Grave Ǹ U+001F8 Ǹ Ǹ \01F8
Lowercase N With Grave ǹ U+001F9 ǹ ǹ \01F9
Uppercase a With Ring Above and Acute Ǻ U+001FA Ǻ Ǻ \01FA
Lowercase a With Ring Above and Acute ǻ U+001FB ǻ ǻ \01FB
Uppercase Ae With Acute Ǽ U+001FC Ǽ Ǽ \01FC
Lowercase Ae With Acute ǽ U+001FD ǽ ǽ \01FD
Uppercase O With Stroke and Acute Ǿ U+001FE Ǿ Ǿ \01FE
Lowercase O With Stroke and Acute ǿ U+001FF ǿ ǿ \01FF
Uppercase a With Double Grave Ȁ U+00200 Ȁ Ȁ \0200
Lowercase a With Double Grave ȁ U+00201 ȁ ȁ \0201
Uppercase a With Inverted Breve Ȃ U+00202 Ȃ Ȃ \0202
Lowercase a With Inverted Breve ȃ U+00203 ȃ ȃ \0203
Uppercase E With Double Grave Ȅ U+00204 Ȅ Ȅ \0204
Lowercase E With Double Grave ȅ U+00205 ȅ ȅ \0205
Uppercase E With Inverted Breve Ȇ U+00206 Ȇ Ȇ \0206
Lowercase E With Inverted Breve ȇ U+00207 ȇ ȇ \0207
Uppercase I With Double Grave Ȉ U+00208 Ȉ Ȉ \0208
Lowercase I With Double Grave ȉ U+00209 ȉ ȉ \0209
Uppercase I With Inverted Breve Ȋ U+0020A Ȋ Ȋ \020A
Lowercase I With Inverted Breve ȋ U+0020B ȋ ȋ \020B
Uppercase O With Double Grave Ȍ U+0020C Ȍ Ȍ \020C
Lowercase O With Double Grave ȍ U+0020D ȍ ȍ \020D
Uppercase O With Inverted Breve Ȏ U+0020E Ȏ Ȏ \020E
Lowercase O With Inverted Breve ȏ U+0020F ȏ ȏ \020F
Uppercase R With Double Grave Ȑ U+00210 Ȑ Ȑ \0210
Lowercase R With Double Grave ȑ U+00211 ȑ ȑ \0211
Uppercase R With Inverted Breve Ȓ U+00212 Ȓ Ȓ \0212
Lowercase R With Inverted Breve ȓ U+00213 ȓ ȓ \0213
Uppercase U With Double Grave Ȕ U+00214 Ȕ Ȕ \0214
Lowercase U With Double Grave ȕ U+00215 ȕ ȕ \0215
Uppercase U With Inverted Breve Ȗ U+00216 Ȗ Ȗ \0216
Lowercase U With Inverted Breve ȗ U+00217 ȗ ȗ \0217
Uppercase S With Comma Below Ș U+00218 Ș Ș \0218
Lowercase S With Comma Below ș U+00219 ș ș \0219
Uppercase T With Comma Below Ț U+0021A Ț Ț \021A
Lowercase T With Comma Below ț U+0021B ț ț \021B
Uppercase Yogh Ȝ U+0021C Ȝ Ȝ \021C
Lowercase Yogh ȝ U+0021D ȝ ȝ \021D
Uppercase H With Caron Ȟ U+0021E Ȟ Ȟ \021E
Lowercase H With Caron ȟ U+0021F ȟ ȟ \021F
Uppercase N With Long Right Leg Ƞ U+00220 Ƞ Ƞ \0220
Lowercase D With Curl ȡ U+00221 ȡ ȡ \0221
Uppercase Ou Ȣ U+00222 Ȣ Ȣ \0222
Lowercase Ou ȣ U+00223 ȣ ȣ \0223
Uppercase Z With Hook Ȥ U+00224 Ȥ Ȥ \0224
Lowercase Z With Hook ȥ U+00225 ȥ ȥ \0225
Uppercase a With Dot Above Ȧ U+00226 Ȧ Ȧ \0226
Lowercase a With Dot Above ȧ U+00227 ȧ ȧ \0227
Uppercase E With Cedilla Ȩ U+00228 Ȩ Ȩ \0228
Lowercase E With Cedilla ȩ U+00229 ȩ ȩ \0229
Uppercase O With Diaeresis and Macron Ȫ U+0022A Ȫ Ȫ \022A
Lowercase O With Diaeresis and Macron ȫ U+0022B ȫ ȫ \022B
Uppercase O With Tilde and Macron Ȭ U+0022C Ȭ Ȭ \022C
Lowercase O With Tilde and Macron ȭ U+0022D ȭ ȭ \022D
Uppercase O With Dot Above Ȯ U+0022E Ȯ Ȯ \022E
Lowercase O With Dot Above ȯ U+0022F ȯ ȯ \022F
Uppercase O With Dot Above and Macron Ȱ U+00230 Ȱ Ȱ \0230
Lowercase O With Dot Above and Macron ȱ U+00231 ȱ ȱ \0231
Uppercase Y With Macron Ȳ U+00232 Ȳ Ȳ \0232
Lowercase Y With Macron ȳ U+00233 ȳ ȳ \0233
Lowercase L With Curl ȴ U+00234 ȴ ȴ \0234
Lowercase N With Curl ȵ U+00235 ȵ ȵ \0235
Lowercase T With Curl ȶ U+00236 ȶ ȶ \0236
Lowercase Dotless J ȷ U+00237 ȷ ȷ \0237
Lowercase Db Digraph ȸ U+00238 ȸ ȸ \0238
Lowercase Qp Digraph ȹ U+00239 ȹ ȹ \0239
Uppercase a With Stroke Ⱥ U+0023A Ⱥ Ⱥ \023A
Uppercase C With Stroke Ȼ U+0023B Ȼ Ȼ \023B
Lowercase C With Stroke ȼ U+0023C ȼ ȼ \023C
Uppercase L With Bar Ƚ U+0023D Ƚ Ƚ \023D
Uppercase T With Diagonal Stroke Ⱦ U+0023E Ⱦ Ⱦ \023E
Lowercase S With Swash Tail ȿ U+0023F ȿ ȿ \023F
Lowercase Z With Swash Tail ɀ U+00240 ɀ ɀ \0240
Uppercase Glottal Stop Ɂ U+00241 Ɂ Ɂ \0241
Lowercase Glottal Stop ɂ U+00242 ɂ ɂ \0242
Uppercase B With Stroke Ƀ U+00243 Ƀ Ƀ \0243
Uppercase U Bar Ʉ U+00244 Ʉ Ʉ \0244
Uppercase Turned V Ʌ U+00245 Ʌ Ʌ \0245
Uppercase E With Stroke Ɇ U+00246 Ɇ Ɇ \0246
Lowercase E With Stroke ɇ U+00247 ɇ ɇ \0247
Uppercase J With Stroke Ɉ U+00248 Ɉ Ɉ \0248
Lowercase J With Stroke ɉ U+00249 ɉ ɉ \0249
Uppercase Small Q With Hook Tail Ɋ U+0024A Ɋ Ɋ \024A
Lowercase Q With Hook Tail ɋ U+0024B ɋ ɋ \024B
Uppercase R With Stroke Ɍ U+0024C Ɍ Ɍ \024C
Lowercase R With Stroke ɍ U+0024D ɍ ɍ \024D
Uppercase Y With Stroke Ɏ U+0024E Ɏ Ɏ \024E
Lowercase Y With Stroke ɏ U+0024F ɏ ɏ \024F
Lowercase Turned A ɐ U+00250 ɐ ɐ \0250
Lowercase Alpha ɑ U+00251 ɑ ɑ \0251
Lowercase Turned Alpha ɒ U+00252 ɒ ɒ \0252
Lowercase B With Hook ɓ U+00253 ɓ ɓ \0253
Lowercase Open O ɔ U+00254 ɔ ɔ \0254
Lowercase C With Curl ɕ U+00255 ɕ ɕ \0255
Lowercase D With Tail ɖ U+00256 ɖ ɖ \0256
Lowercase D With Hook ɗ U+00257 ɗ ɗ \0257
Lowercase Reversed E ɘ U+00258 ɘ ɘ \0258
Lowercase Schwa ə U+00259 ə ə \0259
Lowercase Schwa With Hook ɚ U+0025A ɚ ɚ \025A
Lowercase Open E ɛ U+0025B ɛ ɛ \025B
Lowercase Reversed Open E ɜ U+0025C ɜ ɜ \025C
Lowercase Reversed Open E With Hook ɝ U+0025D ɝ ɝ \025D
Lowercase Closed Reversed Open E ɞ U+0025E ɞ ɞ \025E
Lowercase Dotless J With Stroke ɟ U+0025F ɟ ɟ \025F
Lowercase G With Hook ɠ U+00260 ɠ ɠ \0260
Lowercase Script G ɡ U+00261 ɡ ɡ \0261
Latin Letter Small Capital G ɢ U+00262 ɢ ɢ \0262
Lowercase Gamma ɣ U+00263 ɣ ɣ \0263
Lowercase Rams Horn ɤ U+00264 ɤ ɤ \0264
Lowercase Turned H ɥ U+00265 ɥ ɥ \0265
Lowercase H With Hook ɦ U+00266 ɦ ɦ \0266
Lowercase Heng With Hook ɧ U+00267 ɧ ɧ \0267
Lowercase I With Stroke ɨ U+00268 ɨ ɨ \0268
Lowercase Iota ɩ U+00269 ɩ ɩ \0269
Latin Letter Small Capital I ɪ U+0026A ɪ ɪ \026A
Lowercase L With Middle Tilde ɫ U+0026B ɫ ɫ \026B
Lowercase L With Belt ɬ U+0026C ɬ ɬ \026C
Lowercase L With Retroflex Hook ɭ U+0026D ɭ ɭ \026D
Lowercase Lezh ɮ U+0026E ɮ ɮ \026E
Lowercase Turned M ɯ U+0026F ɯ ɯ \026F
Lowercase Turned M With Long Leg ɰ U+00270 ɰ ɰ \0270
Lowercase M With Hook ɱ U+00271 ɱ ɱ \0271
Lowercase N With Left Hook ɲ U+00272 ɲ ɲ \0272
Lowercase N With Retroflex Hook ɳ U+00273 ɳ ɳ \0273
Latin Letter Small Capital N ɴ U+00274 ɴ ɴ \0274
Lowercase Barred O ɵ U+00275 ɵ ɵ \0275
Latin Letter Small Capital Oe ɶ U+00276 ɶ ɶ \0276
Lowercase Closed Omega ɷ U+00277 ɷ ɷ \0277
Lowercase Phi ɸ U+00278 ɸ ɸ \0278
Lowercase Turned R ɹ U+00279 ɹ ɹ \0279
Lowercase Turned R With Long Leg ɺ U+0027A ɺ ɺ \027A
Lowercase Turned R With Hook ɻ U+0027B ɻ ɻ \027B
Lowercase R With Long Leg ɼ U+0027C ɼ ɼ \027C
Lowercase R With Tail ɽ U+0027D ɽ ɽ \027D
Lowercase R With Fishhook ɾ U+0027E ɾ ɾ \027E
Lowercase Reversed R With Fishhook ɿ U+0027F ɿ ɿ \027F
Latin Letter Small Capital R ʀ U+00280 ʀ ʀ \0280
Latin Letter Small Capital Inverted R ʁ U+00281 ʁ ʁ \0281
Lowercase S With Hook ʂ U+00282 ʂ ʂ \0282
Lowercase Esh ʃ U+00283 ʃ ʃ \0283
Lowercase Dotless J With Stroke and Hook ʄ U+00284 ʄ ʄ \0284
Lowercase Squat Reversed Esh ʅ U+00285 ʅ ʅ \0285
Lowercase Esh With Curl ʆ U+00286 ʆ ʆ \0286
Lowercase Turned T ʇ U+00287 ʇ ʇ \0287
Lowercase T With Retroflex Hook ʈ U+00288 ʈ ʈ \0288
Lowercase U Bar ʉ U+00289 ʉ ʉ \0289
Lowercase Upsilon ʊ U+0028A ʊ ʊ \028A
Lowercase v With Hook ʋ U+0028B ʋ ʋ \028B
Lowercase Turned V ʌ U+0028C ʌ ʌ \028C
Lowercase Turned W ʍ U+0028D ʍ ʍ \028D
Lowercase Turned Y ʎ U+0028E ʎ ʎ \028E
Latin Letter Small Capital Y ʏ U+0028F ʏ ʏ \028F
Lowercase Z With Retroflex Hook ʐ U+00290 ʐ ʐ \0290
Lowercase Z With Curl ʑ U+00291 ʑ ʑ \0291
Lowercase Ezh ʒ U+00292 ʒ ʒ \0292
Lowercase Ezh With Curl ʓ U+00293 ʓ ʓ \0293
Latin Letter Glottal Stop ʔ U+00294 ʔ ʔ \0294
Latin Letter Pharyngeal Voiced Fricative ʕ U+00295 ʕ ʕ \0295
Latin Letter Inverted Glottal Stop ʖ U+00296 ʖ ʖ \0296
Latin Letter Stretched C ʗ U+00297 ʗ ʗ \0297
Latin Letter Bilabial Click ʘ U+00298 ʘ ʘ \0298
Latin Letter Small Capital B ʙ U+00299 ʙ ʙ \0299
Lowercase Closed Open E ʚ U+0029A ʚ ʚ \029A
Latin Letter Small Capital G With Hook ʛ U+0029B ʛ ʛ \029B
Latin Letter Small Capital H ʜ U+0029C ʜ ʜ \029C
Lowercase J With Crossed-Tail ʝ U+0029D ʝ ʝ \029D
Lowercase Turned K ʞ U+0029E ʞ ʞ \029E
Latin Letter Small Capital L ʟ U+0029F ʟ ʟ \029F
Lowercase Q With Hook ʠ U+002A0 ʠ ʠ \02A0
Latin Letter Glottal Stop With Stroke ʡ U+002A1 ʡ ʡ \02A1
Latin Letter Reversed Glottal Stop With Stroke ʢ U+002A2 ʢ ʢ \02A2
Lowercase Dz Digraph ʣ U+002A3 ʣ ʣ \02A3
Lowercase Dezh Digraph ʤ U+002A4 ʤ ʤ \02A4
Lowercase Dz Digraph With Curl ʥ U+002A5 ʥ ʥ \02A5
Lowercase Ts Digraph ʦ U+002A6 ʦ ʦ \02A6
Lowercase Tesh Digraph ʧ U+002A7 ʧ ʧ \02A7
Lowercase Tc Digraph With Curl ʨ U+002A8 ʨ ʨ \02A8
Lowercase Feng Digraph ʩ U+002A9 ʩ ʩ \02A9
Lowercase Ls Digraph ʪ U+002AA ʪ ʪ \02AA
Lowercase Lz Digraph ʫ U+002AB ʫ ʫ \02AB
Lowercase Bilabial Percussive ʬ U+002AC ʬ ʬ \02AC
Lowercase Bidental Percussive ʭ U+002AD ʭ ʭ \02AD
Lowercase Turned H With Fishhook ʮ U+002AE ʮ ʮ \02AE
Lowercase Turned H With Fishhook and Tail ʯ U+002AF ʯ ʯ \02AF
Combining Grave Accent ̀ U+00300 ̀ ̀ \0300
Combining Acute Accent ́ U+00301 ́ ́ \0301
Combining Circumflex Accent ̂ U+00302 ̂ ̂ \0302
Combining Tilde ̃ U+00303 ̃ ̃ \0303
Combining Macron ̄ U+00304 ̄ ̄ \0304
Combining Overline ̅ U+00305 ̅ ̅ \0305
Combining Breve ̆ U+00306 ̆ ̆ \0306
Combining Dot Above ̇ U+00307 ̇ ̇ \0307
Combining Diaeresis ̈ U+00308 ̈ ̈ \0308
Combining Hook Above ̉ U+00309 ̉ ̉ \0309
Combining Ring Above ̊ U+0030A ̊ ̊ \030A
Combining Double Acute Accent ̋ U+0030B ̋ ̋ \030B
Combining Caron ̌ U+0030C ̌ ̌ \030C
Combining Vertical Line Above ̍ U+0030D ̍ ̍ \030D
Combining Double Vertical Line Above ̎ U+0030E ̎ ̎ \030E
Combining Double Grave Accent ̏ U+0030F ̏ ̏ \030F
Combining Candrabindu ̐ U+00310 ̐ ̐ \0310
Combining Inverted Breve ̑ U+00311 ̑ ̑ \0311
Combining Turned Comma Above ̒ U+00312 ̒ ̒ \0312
Combining Comma Above ̓ U+00313 ̓ ̓ \0313
Combining Reversed Comma Above ̔ U+00314 ̔ ̔ \0314
Combining Comma Above Right ̕ U+00315 ̕ ̕ \0315
Combining Grave Accent Below ̖ U+00316 ̖ ̖ \0316
Combining Acute Accent Below ̗ U+00317 ̗ ̗ \0317
Combining Left Tack Below ̘ U+00318 ̘ ̘ \0318
Combining Right Tack Below ̙ U+00319 ̙ ̙ \0319
Combining Left Angle Above ̚ U+0031A ̚ ̚ \031A
Combining Horn ̛ U+0031B ̛ ̛ \031B
Combining Left Half Ring Below ̜ U+0031C ̜ ̜ \031C
Combining Up Tack Below ̝ U+0031D ̝ ̝ \031D
Combining Down Tack Below ̞ U+0031E ̞ ̞ \031E
Combining Plus Sign Below ̟ U+0031F ̟ ̟ \031F
Combining Minus Sign Below ̠ U+00320 ̠ ̠ \0320
Combining Palatalized Hook Below ̡ U+00321 ̡ ̡ \0321
Combining Retroflex Hook Below ̢ U+00322 ̢ ̢ \0322
Combining Dot Below ̣ U+00323 ̣ ̣ \0323
Combining Diaeresis Below ̤ U+00324 ̤ ̤ \0324
Combining Ring Below ̥ U+00325 ̥ ̥ \0325
Combining Comma Below ̦ U+00326 ̦ ̦ \0326
Combining Cedilla ̧ U+00327 ̧ ̧ \0327
Combining Ogonek ̨ U+00328 ̨ ̨ \0328
Combining Vertical Line Below ̩ U+00329 ̩ ̩ \0329
Combining Bridge Below ̪ U+0032A ̪ ̪ \032A
Combining Inverted Double Arch Below ̫ U+0032B ̫ ̫ \032B
Combining Caron Below ̬ U+0032C ̬ ̬ \032C
Combining Circumflex Accent Below ̭ U+0032D ̭ ̭ \032D
Combining Breve Below ̮ U+0032E ̮ ̮ \032E
Combining Inverted Breve Below ̯ U+0032F ̯ ̯ \032F
Combining Tilde Below ̰ U+00330 ̰ ̰ \0330
Combining Macron Below ̱ U+00331 ̱ ̱ \0331
Combining Low Line ̲ U+00332 ̲ ̲ \0332
Combining Double Low Line ̳ U+00333 ̳ ̳ \0333
Combining Tilde Overlay ̴ U+00334 ̴ ̴ \0334
Combining Short Stroke Overlay ̵ U+00335 ̵ ̵ \0335
Combining Long Stroke Overlay ̶ U+00336 ̶ ̶ \0336
Combining Short Solidus Overlay ̷ U+00337 ̷ ̷ \0337
Combining Long Solidus Overlay ̸ U+00338 ̸ ̸ \0338
Combining Right Half Ring Below ̹ U+00339 ̹ ̹ \0339
Combining Inverted Bridge Below ̺ U+0033A ̺ ̺ \033A
Combining Square Below ̻ U+0033B ̻ ̻ \033B
Combining Seagull Below ̼ U+0033C ̼ ̼ \033C
Combining X Above ̽ U+0033D ̽ ̽ \033D
Combining Vertical Tilde ̾ U+0033E ̾ ̾ \033E
Combining Double Overline ̿ U+0033F ̿ ̿ \033F
Combining Grave Tone Mark ̀ U+00340 ̀ ̀ \0340
Combining Acute Tone Mark ́ U+00341 ́ ́ \0341
Combining Greek Perispomeni ͂ U+00342 ͂ ͂ \0342
Combining Greek Koronis ̓ U+00343 ̓ ̓ \0343
Combining Greek Dialytika Tonos ̈́ U+00344 ̈́ ̈́ \0344
Combining Greek Ypogegrammeni ͅ U+00345 ͅ ͅ \0345
Combining Bridge Above ͆ U+00346 ͆ ͆ \0346
Combining Equals Sign Below ͇ U+00347 ͇ ͇ \0347
Combining Double Vertical Line Below ͈ U+00348 ͈ ͈ \0348
Combining Left Angle Below ͉ U+00349 ͉ ͉ \0349
Combining Not Tilde Above ͊ U+0034A ͊ ͊ \034A
Combining Homothetic Above ͋ U+0034B ͋ ͋ \034B
Combining Almost Equal to Above ͌ U+0034C ͌ ͌ \034C
Combining Left Right Arrow Below ͍ U+0034D ͍ ͍ \034D
Combining Up Arrow Below ͎ U+0034E ͎ ͎ \034E
Combining Grapheme Joiner ͏ U+0034F ͏ ͏ \034F
Combining Right Arrowhead Above ͐ U+00350 ͐ ͐ \0350
Combining Left Half Ring Above ͑ U+00351 ͑ ͑ \0351
Combining Fermata ͒ U+00352 ͒ ͒ \0352
Combining X Below ͓ U+00353 ͓ ͓ \0353
Combining Left Arrowhead Below ͔ U+00354 ͔ ͔ \0354
Combining Right Arrowhead Below ͕ U+00355 ͕ ͕ \0355
Combining Right Arrowhead and Up Arrowhead Below ͖ U+00356 ͖ ͖ \0356
Combining Right Half Ring Above ͗ U+00357 ͗ ͗ \0357
Combining Dot Above Right ͘ U+00358 ͘ ͘ \0358
Combining Asterisk Below ͙ U+00359 ͙ ͙ \0359
Combining Double Ring Below ͚ U+0035A ͚ ͚ \035A
Combining Zigzag Above ͛ U+0035B ͛ ͛ \035B
Combining Double Breve Below ͜ U+0035C ͜ ͜ \035C
Combining Double Breve ͝ U+0035D ͝ ͝ \035D
Combining Double Macron ͞ U+0035E ͞ ͞ \035E
Combining Double Macron Below ͟ U+0035F ͟ ͟ \035F
Combining Double Tilde ͠ U+00360 ͠ ͠ \0360
Combining Double Inverted Breve ͡ U+00361 ͡ ͡ \0361
Combining Double Rightwards Arrow Below ͢ U+00362 ͢ ͢ \0362
Combining Latin Small Letter A ͣ U+00363 ͣ ͣ \0363
Combining Latin Small Letter E ͤ U+00364 ͤ ͤ \0364
Combining Latin Small Letter I ͥ U+00365 ͥ ͥ \0365
Combining Latin Small Letter O ͦ U+00366 ͦ ͦ \0366
Combining Latin Small Letter U ͧ U+00367 ͧ ͧ \0367
Combining Latin Small Letter C ͨ U+00368 ͨ ͨ \0368
Combining Latin Small Letter D ͩ U+00369 ͩ ͩ \0369
Combining Latin Small Letter H ͪ U+0036A ͪ ͪ \036A
Combining Latin Small Letter M ͫ U+0036B ͫ ͫ \036B
Combining Latin Small Letter R ͬ U+0036C ͬ ͬ \036C
Combining Latin Small Letter T ͭ U+0036D ͭ ͭ \036D
Combining Latin Small Letter V ͮ U+0036E ͮ ͮ \036E
Combining Latin Small Letter X ͯ U+0036F ͯ ͯ \036F

HTML Numbers Symbols

HTML supports codes for most of the common Latin symbols, including figures and letters. You'd use an HTML code for a numeral when you're displaying the number-as-number on the page and not part of a formula.

Name Symbol Unicode Hex HTML CSS
Zero 0 U+00030 0 0 \0030
One 1 U+00031 1 1 \0031
Two 2 U+00032 2 2 \0032
Three 3 U+00033 3 3 \0033
Four 4 U+00034 4 4 \0034
Five 5 U+00035 5 5 \0035
Six 6 U+00036 6 6 \0036
Seven 7 U+00037 7 7 \0037
Eight 8 U+00038 8 8 \0038
Nine 9 U+00039 9 9 \0039
Fraction One Quarter ¼ U+000BC ¼ ¼ \00BC
Fraction One Half ½ U+000BD ½ ½ \00BD
Fraction Three Quarters ¾ U+000BE ¾ ¾ \00BE
Vulgar Fraction One Seventh U+02150 ⅐ ⅐ \2150
Vulgar Fraction One Ninth U+02151 ⅑ ⅑ \2151
Vulgar Fraction One Tenth U+02152 ⅒ ⅒ \2152
Vulgar Fraction One Third U+02153 ⅓ ⅓ \2153
Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds U+02154 ⅔ ⅔ \2154
Vulgar Fraction One Fifth U+02155 ⅕ ⅕ \2155
Vulgar Fraction Two Fifths U+02156 ⅖ ⅖ \2156
Vulgar Fraction Three Fifths U+02157 ⅗ ⅗ \2157
Vulgar Fraction Four Fifths U+02158 ⅘ ⅘ \2158
Vulgar Fraction One Sixth U+02159 ⅙ ⅙ \2159
Vulgar Fraction Five Sixths U+0215A ⅚ ⅚ \215A
Vulgar Fraction One Eighth U+0215B ⅛ ⅛ \215B
Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths U+0215C ⅜ ⅜ \215C
Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths U+0215D ⅝ ⅝ \215D
Vulgar Fraction Seven Eighths U+0215E ⅞ ⅞ \215E
Fraction Numerator One U+0215F ⅟ ⅟ \215F
Roman Numeral One U+02160 Ⅰ Ⅰ \2160
Roman Numeral Two U+02161 Ⅱ Ⅱ \2161
Roman Numeral Three U+02162 Ⅲ Ⅲ \2162
Roman Numeral Four U+02163 Ⅳ Ⅳ \2163
Roman Numeral Five U+02164 Ⅴ Ⅴ \2164
Roman Numeral Six U+02165 Ⅵ Ⅵ \2165
Roman Numeral Seven U+02166 Ⅶ Ⅶ \2166
Roman Numeral Eight U+02167 Ⅷ Ⅷ \2167
Roman Numeral Nine U+02168 Ⅸ Ⅸ \2168
Roman Numeral Ten U+02169 Ⅹ Ⅹ \2169
Roman Numeral Eleven U+0216A Ⅺ Ⅺ \216A
Roman Numeral Twelve U+0216B Ⅻ Ⅻ \216B
Roman Numeral Fifty U+0216C Ⅼ Ⅼ \216C
Roman Numeral One Hundred U+0216D Ⅽ Ⅽ \216D
Roman Numeral Five Hundred U+0216E Ⅾ Ⅾ \216E
Roman Numeral One Thousand U+0216F Ⅿ Ⅿ \216F
Small Roman Numeral One U+02170 ⅰ ⅰ \2170
Small Roman Numeral Two U+02171 ⅱ ⅱ \2171
Small Roman Numeral Three U+02172 ⅲ ⅲ \2172
Small Roman Numeral Four U+02173 ⅳ ⅳ \2173
Small Roman Numeral Five U+02174 ⅴ ⅴ \2174
Small Roman Numeral Six U+02175 ⅵ ⅵ \2175
Small Roman Numeral Seven U+02176 ⅶ ⅶ \2176
Small Roman Numeral Eight U+02177 ⅷ ⅷ \2177
Small Roman Numeral Nine U+02178 ⅸ ⅸ \2178
Small Roman Numeral Ten U+02179 ⅹ ⅹ \2179
Small Roman Numeral Eleven U+0217A ⅺ ⅺ \217A
Small Roman Numeral Twelve U+0217B ⅻ ⅻ \217B
Small Roman Numeral Fifty U+0217C ⅼ ⅼ \217C
Small Roman Numeral One Hundred U+0217D ⅽ ⅽ \217D
Small Roman Numeral Five Hundred U+0217E ⅾ ⅾ \217E
Small Roman Numeral One Thousand U+0217F ⅿ ⅿ \217F
Roman Numeral One Thousand C D U+02180 ↀ ↀ \2180
Roman Numeral Five Thousand U+02181 ↁ ↁ \2181
Roman Numeral Ten Thousand U+02182 ↂ ↂ \2182
Roman Numeral Reversed One Hundred U+02183 Ↄ Ↄ \2183
Latin Small Letter Reversed C U+02184 ↄ ↄ \2184
Roman Numeral Six Late Form U+02185 ↅ ↅ \2185
Roman Numeral Fifty Early Form U+02186 ↆ ↆ \2186
Vulgar Fraction Zero Thirds U+02189 ↉ ↉ \2189

HTML Punctuation Symbols

Name Symbol Unicode Hex HTML CSS
Exclamation Mark ! U+00021 ! ! \0021
Quotation Mark " U+00022 " " \0022
Number Sign # U+00023 # # \0023
Percent Sign % U+00025 % % \0025
Ampersand & U+00026 & & \0026
Apostrophe ' U+00027 ' ' \0027
Left Parenthesis ( U+00028 ( ( \0028
Right Parenthesis ) U+00029 ) ) \0029
Asterisk * U+0002A * * \002A
Comma , U+0002C , , \002C
Period . U+0002E . . \002E
Slash / U+0002F / / \002F
Colon : U+0003A : : \003A
Semicolon ; U+0003B &#x3b; &#59; \003B
Question Mark ? U+0003F ? ? \003F
At Symbol @ U+00040 @ @ \0040
Left Bracket [ U+0005B [ [ \005B
Backslash \ U+0005C \ \ \005C
Right Bracket ] U+0005D ] ] \005D
Caret ^ U+0005E ^ ^ \005E
Underscore _ U+0005F _ _ \005F
Grave Accent ` U+00060 ` ` \0060
Left Brace { U+0007B { { \007B
Vertical Bar | U+0007C | | \007C
Right Brace } U+0007D } } \007D
Tilde ~ U+0007E ~ ~ \007E
Non-breaking Space   U+000A0     \00A0
Inverted Exclamation Mark ¡ U+000A1 ¡ ¡ \00A1
Broken Vertical Bar ¦ U+000A6 ¦ ¦ \00A6
Section Sign § U+000A7 § § \00A7
Umlaut ¨ U+000A8 ¨ ¨ \00A8
Copyright Sign © U+000A9 © © \00A9
Feminine Ordinal Indicator ª U+000AA ª ª \00AA
Double Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark « U+000AB « « \00AB
Not Sign ¬ U+000AC ¬ ¬ \00AC
Soft Hyphen ­ U+000AD ­ ­ \00AD
Registered Trade Mark Sign ® U+000AE ® ® \00AE
Spacing Macron ¯ U+000AF ¯ ¯ \00AF
Superscript Two ² U+000B2 ² ² \00B2
Superscript Three ³ U+000B3 ³ ³ \00B3
Acute Accent ´ U+000B4 ´ ´ \00B4
Micro Sign µ U+000B5 µ µ \00B5
Paragraph Sign U+000B6 ¶ ¶ \00B6
Middle Dot · U+000B7 · · \00B7
Spacing Cedilla ¸ U+000B8 ¸ ¸ \00B8
Superscript One ¹ U+000B9 ¹ ¹ \00B9
Masculine Ordinal Indicator º U+000BA º º \00BA
Double Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark » U+000BB » » \00BB
Inverted Question Mark ¿ U+000BF ¿ ¿ \00BF
Hyphen U+02010 ‐ ‐ \2010
Non-Breaking Hyphen U+02011 ‑ ‑ \2011
Figure Dash U+02012 ‒ ‒ \2012
En Dash U+02013 – – \2013
Em Dash U+02014 — — \2014
Horizontal Bar U+02015 ― ― \2015
Double Vertical Line U+02016 ‖ ‖ \2016
Double Low Line U+02017 ‗ ‗ \2017
Left Single Quotation Mark U+02018 ‘ ‘ \2018
Right Single Quotation Mark U+02019 ’ ’ \2019
Single Low-9 Quotation Mark U+0201A ‚ ‚ \201A
Single High-Reversed-9 Quotation Mark U+0201B ‛ ‛ \201B
Left Double Quotation Mark U+0201C “ “ \201C
Right Double Quotation Mark U+0201D ” ” \201D
Double Low-9 Quotation Mark U+0201E „ „ \201E
Double High-Reversed-9 Quotation Mark U+0201F ‟ ‟ \201F
Dagger U+02020 † † \2020
Double Dagger U+02021 ‡ ‡ \2021
Bullet U+02022 • • \2022
Triangular Bullet U+02023 ‣ ‣ \2023
One Dot Leader U+02024 ․ ․ \2024
Two Dot Leader U+02025 ‥ ‥ \2025
Horizontal Ellipsis U+02026 … … \2026
Hyphenation Point U+02027 ‧ ‧ \2027
Per Mille Sign U+02030 ‰ ‰ \2030
Per Ten Thousand Sign U+02031 ‱ ‱ \2031
Prime U+02032 ′ ′ \2032
Double Prime U+02033 ″ ″ \2033
Triple Prime U+02034 ‴ ‴ \2034
Reversed Prime U+02035 ‵ ‵ \2035
Reversed Double Prime U+02036 ‶ ‶ \2036
Reversed Triple Prime U+02037 ‷ ‷ \2037
Caret U+02038 ‸ ‸ \2038
Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark U+02039 ‹ ‹ \2039
Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark U+0203A › › \203A
Reference Mark U+0203B ※ ※ \203B
Double Exclamation Mark U+0203C ‼ ‼ \203C
Interrobang U+0203D ‽ ‽ \203D
Overline U+0203E ‾ ‾ \203E
Undertie U+0203F ‿ ‿ \203F
Character Tie U+02040 ⁀ ⁀ \2040
Caret Insertion Point U+02041 ⁁ ⁁ \2041
Asterism U+02042 ⁂ ⁂ \2042
Hyphen Bullet U+02043 ⁃ ⁃ \2043
Fraction Slash U+02044 ⁄ ⁄ \2044
Left Square Bracket With Quill U+02045 ⁅ ⁅ \2045
Right Square Bracket With Quill U+02046 ⁆ ⁆ \2046
Double Question Mark U+02047 ⁇ ⁇ \2047
Question Exclamation Mark U+02048 ⁈ ⁈ \2048
Exclamation Question Mark U+02049 ⁉ ⁉ \2049
Tironian Sign Et U+0204A ⁊ ⁊ \204A
Reversed Pilcrow Sign U+0204B ⁋ ⁋ \204B
Black Left Bullet U+0204C ⁌ ⁌ \204C
Black Right Bullet U+0204D ⁍ ⁍ \204D
Low Asterisk U+0204E ⁎ ⁎ \204E
Reversed Semicolon U+0204F ⁏ ⁏ \204F
Close Up U+02050 ⁐ ⁐ \2050
Two Asterisks Aligned Vertically U+02051 ⁑ ⁑ \2051
Commercial Minus Sign U+02052 ⁒ ⁒ \2052
Swung Dash U+02053 ⁓ ⁓ \2053
Inverted Undertie U+02054 ⁔ ⁔ \2054
Flower Punctuation Mark U+02055 ⁕ ⁕ \2055
Three Dot Punctuation U+02056 ⁖ ⁖ \2056
Quadruple Prime U+02057 ⁗ ⁗ \2057
Four Dot Punctuation U+02058 ⁘ ⁘ \2058
Five Dot Punctuation U+02059 ⁙ ⁙ \2059
Two Dot Punctuation U+0205A ⁚ ⁚ \205A
Four Dot Mark U+0205B ⁛ ⁛ \205B
Dotted Cross U+0205C ⁜ ⁜ \205C
Tricolon U+0205D ⁝ ⁝ \205D
Vertical Four Dots U+0205E ⁞ ⁞ \205E
Trade Mark Sign U+02122 ™ ™ \2122

HTML Symbols

Name Symbol Unicode Hex HTML CSS
Left Arrow U+02190 ← ← \2190
Up Arrow U+02191 ↑ ↑ \2191
Right Arrow U+02192 → → \2192
Down Arrow U+02193 ↓ ↓ \2193
North West Arrow U+02196 ↖ ↖ \2196
North East Arrow U+02197 ↗ ↗ \2197
South East Arrow U+02198 ↘ ↘ \2198
South West Arrow U+02199 ↙ ↙ \2199
Copyright Sign © U+000A9 © © \00A9
Registered Trade Mark Sign ® U+000AE ® ® \00AE
Trade Mark Sign U+02122 ™ ™ \2122
At Symbol @ U+00040 @ @ \0040
Ampersand & U+00026 & & \0026
Check Mark U+02713 ✓ ✓ \2713
Degree Celsius U+02103 ℃ ℃ \2103
Degree Fahrenheit U+02109 ℉ ℉ \2109
Dollar Sign $ U+00024 $ $ \0024
Cent Sign ¢ U+000A2 ¢ ¢ \00A2
Pound Sign £ U+000A3 £ £ \00A3
Euro Sign U+020AC € € \20AC
Yen Sign ¥ U+000A5 ¥ ¥ \00A5
Indian Rupee Sign U+020B9 ₹ ₹ \20B9
Ruble Sign U+020BD ₽ ₽ \20BD
Yuan Character in China U+05143 元 元 \5143
Plus Sign + U+0002B + + \002B
Minus Sign U+02212 − − \2212
Multiplication Sign × U+000D7 × × \00D7
Division Sign ÷ U+000F7 ÷ ÷ \00F7
Equal Sign = U+0003D = = \003D
Not Equal To Sign U+02260 ≠ ≠ \2260
Less-Than Sign < U+0003C &#x3c; &#60; \003C
Greater-Than Sign > U+0003E &#x3e; &#62; \003E
Fraction One Quarter ¼ U+000BC &#xbc; &#188; \00BC
Fraction One Half ½ U+000BD &#xbd; &#189; \00BD
Fraction Three Quarters ¾ U+000BE &#xbe; &#190; \00BE
Vulgar Fraction One Third U+02153 &#x2153; &#8531; \2153
Vulgar Fraction Two Thirds U+02154 &#x2154; &#8532; \2154
Vulgar Fraction One Eighth U+0215B &#x215B; &#8539; \215B
Vulgar Fraction Three Eighths U+0215C &#x215C; &#8540; \215C
Vulgar Fraction Five Eighths U+0215D &#x215D; &#8541; \215D
Exclamation Mark ! U+00021 &#x21; &#33; \0021
Question Mark ? U+0003F &#x3f; &#63; \003F
En Dash U+02013 &#x2013; &#8211; \2013
Em Dash U+02014 &#x2014; &#8212; \2014
Single Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark U+02039 &#x2039; &#8249; \2039
Single Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark U+0203A &#x203A; &#8250; \203A
Double Left-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark « U+000AB &#xab; &#171; \00AB
Double Right-Pointing Angle Quotation Mark » U+000BB &#xbb; &#187; \00BB

HTML Math Symbols

Name Symbol Unicode Hex HTML CSS
Plus Sign + U+0002B &#x2b; &#43; \002B
Minus Sign U+02212 &#x2212; &#8722; \2212
Multiplication Sign × U+000D7 &#xd7; &#215; \00D7
Division Sign ÷ U+000F7 &#xf7; &#247; \00F7
Equal Sign = U+0003D &#x3d; &#61; \003D
Not Equal To Sign U+02260 &#x2260; &#8800; \2260
Plus or Minus Sign ± U+000B1 &#xb1; &#177; \00B1
Not Sign ¬ U+000AC &#xac; &#172; \00AC
Less-Than Sign < U+0003C &#x3c; &#60; \003C
Greater-Than Sign > U+0003E &#x3e; &#62; \003E
Equal to or Less-Than Sign U+022DC &#x22DC; &#8924; \22DC
Equal to or Greater-Than Sign U+022DD &#x22DD; &#8925; \22DD
Degree Sign ° U+000B0 &#xb0; &#176; \00B0
Superscript One ¹ U+000B9 &#xb9; &#185; \00B9
Superscript Two ² U+000B2 &#xb2; &#178; \00B2
Superscript Three ³ U+000B3 &#xb3; &#179; \00B3
Function ƒ U+00192 &#x192; &#402; \0192
Percent Sign % U+00025 &#x25; &#37; \0025
Per Mille Sign U+00089 &#x89; &#137; \0089
Per Ten Thousand Sign U+02031 &#x2031; &#8241; \2031
For All U+02200 &#x2200; &#8704; \2200
Complement U+02201 &#x2201; &#8705; \2201
Partial Differential U+02202 &#x2202; &#8706; \2202
There Exists U+02203 &#x2203; &#8707; \2203
There Does Not Exist U+02204 &#x2204; &#8708; \2204
Empty Set U+02205 &#x2205; &#8709; \2205
Increment U+02206 &#x2206; &#8710; \2206
Nabla U+02207 &#x2207; &#8711; \2207
Element Of U+02208 &#x2208; &#8712; \2208
Not an Element Of U+02209 &#x2209; &#8713; \2209
Small Element Of U+0220A &#x220A; &#8714; \220A
Contains as Member U+0220B &#x220B; &#8715; \220B
Does Not Contain as Member U+0220C &#x220C; &#8716; \220C
Small Contains as Member U+0220D &#x220D; &#8717; \220D
End of Proof U+0220E &#x220E; &#8718; \220E
N-Ary Product U+0220F &#x220F; &#8719; \220F
N-Ary Coproduct U+02210 &#x2210; &#8720; \2210
N-Ary Summation U+02211 &#x2211; &#8721; \2211
Minus-or-Plus Sign U+02213 &#x2213; &#8723; \2213
Dot Plus U+02214 &#x2214; &#8724; \2214
Division Slash U+02215 &#x2215; &#8725; \2215
Set Minus U+02216 &#x2216; &#8726; \2216
Asterisk Operator U+02217 &#x2217; &#8727; \2217
Ring Operator U+02218 &#x2218; &#8728; \2218
Bullet Operator U+02219 &#x2219; &#8729; \2219
Square Root U+0221A &#x221A; &#8730; \221A
Cube Root U+0221B &#x221B; &#8731; \221B
Fourth Root U+0221C &#x221C; &#8732; \221C
Proportional To U+0221D &#x221D; &#8733; \221D
Infinity U+0221E &#x221E; &#8734; \221E
Right Angle U+0221F &#x221F; &#8735; \221F
Angle U+02220 &#x2220; &#8736; \2220
Measured Angle U+02221 &#x2221; &#8737; \2221
Spherical Angle U+02222 &#x2222; &#8738; \2222
Divides U+02223 &#x2223; &#8739; \2223
Does Not Divide U+02224 &#x2224; &#8740; \2224
Parallel To U+02225 &#x2225; &#8741; \2225
Not Parallel To U+02226 &#x2226; &#8742; \2226
Logical And U+02227 &#x2227; &#8743; \2227
Logical Or U+02228 &#x2228; &#8744; \2228
Intersection U+02229 &#x2229; &#8745; \2229
Union U+0222A &#x222A; &#8746; \222A
Integral U+0222B &#x222B; &#8747; \222B
Double Integral U+0222C &#x222C; &#8748; \222C
Triple Integral U+0222D &#x222D; &#8749; \222D
Contour Integral U+0222E &#x222E; &#8750; \222E
Surface Integral U+0222F &#x222F; &#8751; \222F
Volume Integral U+02230 &#x2230; &#8752; \2230
Clockwise Integral U+02231 &#x2231; &#8753; \2231
Clockwise Contour Integral U+02232 &#x2232; &#8754; \2232
Anticlockwise Contour Integral U+02233 &#x2233; &#8755; \2233
Therefore U+02234 &#x2234; &#8756; \2234
Because U+02235 &#x2235; &#8757; \2235
Ratio U+02236 &#x2236; &#8758; \2236
Proportion U+02237 &#x2237; &#8759; \2237
Dot Minus U+02238 &#x2238; &#8760; \2238
Excess U+02239 &#x2239; &#8761; \2239
Geometric Proportion U+0223A &#x223A; &#8762; \223A
Homothetic U+0223B &#x223B; &#8763; \223B
Tilde Operator U+0223C &#x223C; &#8764; \223C
Reversed Tilde U+0223D &#x223D; &#8765; \223D
Inverted Lazy S U+0223E &#x223E; &#8766; \223E
Sine Wave U+0223F &#x223F; &#8767; \223F
Wreath Product U+02240 &#x2240; &#8768; \2240
Not Tilde U+02241 &#x2241; &#8769; \2241
Minus Tilde U+02242 &#x2242; &#8770; \2242
Asymptotically Equal To U+02243 &#x2243; &#8771; \2243
Not Asymptotically Equal To U+02244 &#x2244; &#8772; \2244
Approximately Equal To U+02245 &#x2245; &#8773; \2245
Approximately but Not Actually Equal To U+02246 &#x2246; &#8774; \2246
Neither Approximately Nor Actually Equal To U+02247 &#x2247; &#8775; \2247
Almost Equal To U+02248 &#x2248; &#8776; \2248
Not Almost Equal To U+02249 &#x2249; &#8777; \2249
Almost Equal or Equal To U+0224A &#x224A; &#8778; \224A
Triple Tilde U+0224B &#x224B; &#8779; \224B
All Equal To U+0224C &#x224C; &#8780; \224C
Equivalent To U+0224D &#x224D; &#8781; \224D
Geometrically Equivalent To U+0224E &#x224E; &#8782; \224E
Difference Between U+0224F &#x224F; &#8783; \224F
Approaches the Limit U+02250 &#x2250; &#8784; \2250
Geometrically Equal To U+02251 &#x2251; &#8785; \2251
Approximately Equal to or the Image Of U+02252 &#x2252; &#8786; \2252
Image of or Approximately Equal To U+02253 &#x2253; &#8787; \2253
Colon Equals U+02254 &#x2254; &#8788; \2254
Equals Colon U+02255 &#x2255; &#8789; \2255
Ring in Equal To U+02256 &#x2256; &#8790; \2256
Ring Equal To U+02257 &#x2257; &#8791; \2257
Corresponds To U+02258 &#x2258; &#8792; \2258
Estimates U+02259 &#x2259; &#8793; \2259
Equiangular To U+0225A &#x225A; &#8794; \225A
Star Equals U+0225B &#x225B; &#8795; \225B
Delta Equal To U+0225C &#x225C; &#8796; \225C
Equal to by Definition U+0225D &#x225D; &#8797; \225D
Measured By U+0225E &#x225E; &#8798; \225E
Questioned Equal To U+0225F &#x225F; &#8799; \225F
Identical To U+02261 &#x2261; &#8801; \2261
Not Identical To U+02262 &#x2262; &#8802; \2262
Strictly Equivalent To U+02263 &#x2263; &#8803; \2263
Less-Than or Equal To U+02264 &#x2264; &#8804; \2264
Greater-Than or Equal To U+02265 &#x2265; &#8805; \2265
Less-Than Over Equal To U+02266 &#x2266; &#8806; \2266
Greater-Than Over Equal To U+02267 &#x2267; &#8807; \2267
Less-Than but Not Equal To U+02268 &#x2268; &#8808; \2268
Greater-Than but Not Equal To U+02269 &#x2269; &#8809; \2269
Much Less-Than U+0226A &#x226A; &#8810; \226A
Much Greater-Than U+0226B &#x226B; &#8811; \226B
Between U+0226C &#x226C; &#8812; \226C
Not Equivalent To U+0226D &#x226D; &#8813; \226D
Not Less-Than U+0226E &#x226E; &#8814; \226E
Not Greater-Than U+0226F &#x226F; &#8815; \226F
Neither Less-Than Nor Equal To U+02270 &#x2270; &#8816; \2270
Neither Greater-Than Nor Equal To U+02271 &#x2271; &#8817; \2271
Less-Than or Equivalent To U+02272 &#x2272; &#8818; \2272